Monday, October 1, 2012

Bargain Hunting

The first lesson in home ownership for me was surrendering to the fact that I couldn't do everything at once. Of course being a designer I want it to look "finished" NOW, but my bank account said "wait, take some time, ouch you are hurting me!" So I am learning to be ok with the rooms looking 1/2 done all the time.

I have also made a very conscious decision to bargain hunt, wait for sales and use coupons whenever I am going to make a purchase. Example, the picture below. I knew I wanted to purchase both items and instead of going out and buying them STAT, I waited. I got the mirror on clearance at Lowe's and saved $20. I also got the table on clearance from Cost Plus. I think the original price was around $150, I snagged it on sale for $99, with an additional 10% off coupon! woo hoo, a bargain shopper was born:)

 Next up, the fridge. It was something I obviously needed in the kitchen and wanted Stainless to match the other appliances. I scoured Craigslist for days. Most of them were running $250-$350. I kept waiting for just the right one and ended up finding someone that had only used it in their garage for drinks. It was in pristine condition and I got it for $200.

And then there is this beauty! I had been wanting to get an ottoman that I could use at a cocktail table. I started looking and was shocked at how expensive they were. $300-$450!!! and none of the fabrics were all that great. I went to a store near my house that re-sells model home furniture. This sad ottoman had obviously been around for quite some time, the fabric is an awful denim, that had faded from where a tray sat on it for years. I asked for a discount and was told no. So I waited. I went back a few weeks later and talked to someone else. She said the ottoman had been in their store for over a year and a half. I again asked for a discount and she said yes. Originally $145, I paid $85! Of course now I have to pay for fabric to recover it. But all said it will still be less than a new $300 ottoman.

 This is the fabric I have chosen from Calico Corners. $29.95/yard plus a 20% off coupon.

Then I headed back to Craigslist for some dining room chairs. I have the Ikea Docksta table, however the top is in horrible condition due to sitting outside for a year. I was kind of at a loss of what to do with it when I found a great deal. I got a table and chair set for $40. I put the glass on top of the Docksta and will use it until I find something better. I love the chairs, they are the same style as chairs by Marcel Breuer(1928). I looked online for Breuer chairs, and they usually run around $150 each. So four for $40 was a deal in my book. Again, I need to recover them. I am still trying to find the perfect fabric...
As for the table base, I may put it back on Craigslist with the smoked glass when I find a new dining table

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