Monday, September 24, 2012

Can we begin again?

I am excited to share my newest adventure with everyone. A few months ago I became a homeowner! It has been exciting, scary, fun and a bit overwhelming at times. I have found some amazing pieces on Craigslist, sales, etc and it has given me the desire to start documenting every step of my design process. So follow along with me from the beginning...

This is the white box I started out with

Excited new homeowner!
Overwhelmed new homeowner!
After moving in I was completely overwhelmed with the responsibility of having to EVERYTHING on my own. I definitely had buyers remorse and shed more that few tears. My friends were amazing during this time and came over and unpacked boxes for me while I was out of town. I came home from my trip to find my house looking like this!

I lived with the blank white walls for sometime until I came across this picture on Pinterest. I fell in love with the color and decided I would go bold and daring and paint my living room teal!

And then came time to find the "right teal".
too dark
still too dark, so I dumped some "Swiss Coffee" that I had laying around into the bucket
Just right!
This picture is the best representation of the color.