Friday, May 28, 2010

Glassing it up

I've been phasing out all my plastic storage stuff with glass. I started using glass water bottles last year and at first I was scared that I would break them, but so far so good.
I got these Glasslock containers recently and threw out my Rubbermade. I love them... they are dishwasher and microwave safe and can even go in the freezer. I end up usually re-heating leftovers in them and then eating straight from the container (I'm single, don't judge!)

Rice, pasta, breadcrumbs, pretzels all go in canning jars (mine aren't this good looking, I just use regular Ball canning jars)

These are great for juice and coffee. I used to make fresh coffee everyday with a french press, but now I make enough for 2-3 days and store it in the fridge.

And finally, I have fallen in love with baking soda as my all purpose cleaner. I bought a HUGE box of it which can be difficult to use. But it sprinkles very nicely out of a sugar shaker like this, and I can re-fill occasionally.

Do you have any great glass storage ideas?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cupcake Party!

My niece just turned 2 and we had a cupcake party for her. Her two greatest loves (besides Jasco the dog) are Minnie Mouse and the book Pinkalicious. So I did a little research on the web for cupcake ideas.

If we went with the Minnie theme, I was going to try making these

But we decided Pinkalicious was the way to go.

So I used these as inspiration...

...and this was the final result. Needless to say, the birthday girl was very happy with her party!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pillow Love

There are so many great sources out on the internet for pillows. I do a lot of browsing on If you haven't visited that website, it's a must for all sorts of handmade decorative goodies.

I guess I'm going through a geometric phase, because all of these current favs have bold graphic repeats, including Riad just below.

Source: Caitlin Wilson

Source: Furbish

Source: PlumCushion
Source: My Sparrow
Source: Nenavon

Friday, May 21, 2010

My grandmothers lamp- the "before"

When my grandmother passed away a few years ago, I picked out some of my favorite pieces of hers to come live with me. This lamp has been sitting in the garage since then.

Here is what it looked like back in the day

Here is what it looks like today in my new house sitting on the same teak nesting tables (another re-do project later down the line).

I took apart the lamp so that I can re-wire it with this Home Depot kit and paint the wood base. Haven't decided what color to paint it yet, I just know that I don't want to keep the matte black. Also, it's out with the 70's tall shade and in with a smaller more modern drum shade.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My first post... soo exciting, and it only took me two hours to figure out!

To start off my new blog I though I'd post some pictures of things that I am loving right now.

#1 is this fabulous chandelier from Eurofase Lighting. Small little price tag of $5000. I'm wishing it would appear on craigslist someday!

#2 My favorite Buddha statue. Shiny white porcelain from Emissary. It comes in two sizes, the larger one being around 26" tall. It really is a great statement piece.

Kravet Riad fabric. I saw it on a pillow awhile ago and fell in love. Of course I'm seeing it everywhere now, but that isn't stopping me from wanting to make drapery panels out of it.

Those are just a few things to give you an idea of my design style. I just moved into a new home and am excited about all the design possibilities. I will be blogging about all my exciting DIY adventures, design love, craft projects and yummy baked goods. Thanks for checking out my new hobby!