Monday, October 15, 2012

$2000 worth of love

 I had been looking for something to put behind my dining table. I wanted something tall because my ceilings are tall and of my furniture feels like it's all the same height. I came across this picture on Apartment Therapy. I loved the etagere and how they were using it at a bar/bookshelf/display case. Thus it became my dining room inspiration!
Apartment Therapy
And then I saw this one. And I knew I had to have this EXACT one. I did an image search on Google and found that it was made by Milo Baughman and can run from $500-$2000 online!

Emily Henderson

I ended up finding one on Craigslist up in LA. It was brass and I had chrome accents already in the dining room chairs and lamps. So I thought I would spray it chrome. Fortunately for me the woman sold it before I could get there to pick it up. I spent the next several hours kicking myself for not offering her more money, not being quick enough to email her, etc. It was a deep sadness for missing out on the PERFECT piece of furniture.

Thank goodness for the Craigslist App. I was laying on the couch wallowing in despair and decided to tweak my search criteria. It was listed as a "trophy case". And it was chrome. I emailed them immediately. It was the best fifty dollars I have ever spent. Granted it was in horrible condition. I spent 3 hours lovingly restoring it to it shiny chromeness. And here she is...
 I love, love, love it! The accessories are just the in the initial stages, I just threw what I had laying around. So far so good!

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