Friday, October 22, 2010


While I should be spending my days off unpacking the heaping mess that is my new apartment, I've been shopping instead! Yay, I'm excited to start decorating, but don't want to pull the trigger on anything yet until I have the space unpacked and the layout set. I did purchase this nightstand because it was on sale for $35.00 And then I had to get this knob, because it would look so cute on the nightstand. See where this is going?!

So now I'm back to work for a few days, but my next stretch of time off I'll post a pic of what the knob looks like on the nightstand. I also am looking for a basket (preferably seagrass) to go on the shelf under the drawer. That way I can keep my stacks of books, magazines, catalogs hidden from view.

I also popped into Joann's the other day and I'm liking these fabrics. Although I will be ordering them from because they are about 50% cheaper there and have a bigger selection to choose from.


  1. I love the prints!! Can't wait to see them all put together. Hope you invite us over... :+D

  2. Just wanted to comment and say I'm so happy I stumbled on your blog! I'm in nursing school right now and honestly every night when I want to veg out I start looking at all my favorite design blogs! (I'm sure you know the routine- "I just got off from a 12 hr clinical.. I should be doing dishes and laundry but let me see if Bryn/Erika/Seleta's posted..") :) LOL

  3. Ashley, thanks for the comment. I know exactly what you are going through, hang in there! Now that I am a nurse, I still come home think about going to sleep, and end up catching up on all my favorite blogs for hours.